Barbados Prison Service

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Barbados Prison Service


The Barbados Prison Service, serves the public by keeping those safe in custody those committed by the courts our duty is to look after them with humanity and help them to live law-abiding and a useful life in custody and after release this will be achieved through the deployment of dedicated professional highly trained and well-motivated members of staff sound regimes and focused rehabilitative programs.

Lt. Col. John Nurse

HMP Dodds
St. Philip
Barbados, W.I.




Tel Number


(246) 535-7300

Superintendent of Prisons

(246) 535-7304

Assistant Superintendent of Prisons (Head of Admin)

(246) 535-7327

Assistant  Superintendent of Prisons (Head of Custody)

(246) 535-7328

Head of Operations

(246) 535-7362

Head of Female Prison

(246) 535-7349

Head of Medical

(246) 535-7380

Fax- Headquarters

(246) 535-7401

Fax- Administration

(246) 535-7402

Duty Manager

(246) 535-7359

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